Mirabella Cosmetics at Bella TrioMirabella color cosmetics was born of need. Developed by a professional makeup artist, Mirabella cosmetics meets all the needs of the demanding beauty industry. From runway models to soccer moms, Mirabella has the colors & formulations necessary to achieve looks that range from subtle classic to psychedelic chic. And Mirabella cosmetics pamper your skin and are free of talc, fragrance and synthetic preservatives.

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Mirabella_Model1-175  A Touch of Color

Free!  15 min

Great after a facial or a massage! A little powder, blush, mascara and lipstick.


Mirabella_Model2-175Makeup Application

$40 (30 min)


Includes color matching and application of foundation products, blush, eye shadow, eye liners, mascara and lipstick or gloss.

Mirabella_Model3-175False Eyelash Application

$10 (15 min)



Mirabella make-upMakeup Lesson

$60 (60 min)

Our professional artist will work on half your face, and help you do the other half!


Mirabella Makeup

Mirabella Makeup Products
Mirabella makeup began in 2001 as a solution for professional makeup artists who needed a line of cosmetics that met the huge demands of the beauty industry. Founder Christy Thurston, a top professional makeup artist with over 20 years’ experience, used her knowledge of both the business aspect and artistry of makeup application to develop Mirabella cosmetics.

To create Mirabella, Christy had to take into consideration what everyday women needed to achieve the new looks and styles seen on the fashion runways around the world. In addition, Mirabella needed to also meet the classic standards of beauty. With these two concepts in mind, Mirabella makeup was created to deliver fresh and classic beauty looks within one cosmetics line.

Mirabella’s rich formulas have been developed to meet the needs of women of all ages. You will find both liquid foundations as well as mineral cosmetics. Each has been carefully developed and formulated to provide flawless coverage as well as work with your skin instead of against it.

To achieve a smooth and clear complexion, Mirabella offers formulas that work with your skin type and will help you achieve the look you are going for. Of course, the first step to great makeup is choosing the right foundation. With Mirabella you will have several options to work with. Mirabella Fresh Makeup is a light, sheer oil-free formula that gives natural coverage without caking on the skin. It is formulated with Glycerin to help protect your skin from impurities, oil absorbing properties to help control excess sebum, and Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant.

Mirabella Matte Makeup will help you achieve a shine free, smooth and clear complexion. Also an oil-free formula, Mirabella Matte Makeup contains Salicylic Acid which helps control blemishes and fights against acne. Using Mirabella Matte Makeup will also assist in protecting your skin from the sun which is known to increase signs of aging

Pure Mirabella is Mirabella’s mineral makeup line. Infused with essential vitamins and minerals, Pure Mirabella not only provides a clear flawless complexion, but it also helps our skin regain some of the lost nutrients we may lose in our day to day lives. Pure Mirabella helps enhance your existing beauty and makes your skin look more radiant and clear. Formulated with Vitamins A, E as well as natural mineral, Pure Mirabella is able to deliver antioxidants to your skin that help make it healthier both physically and visibly.

Unlike other cosmetics that claim to be “pure” and good for your skin, Pure Mirabella does NOT contain harmful ingredients like talc, perfumes or synthetic preservatives. These elements are all too common in drug store cosmetics and can contribute to skin damage as well as clog pores, create blemishes and excess oil production. Pure Mirabella, as with all Mirabella products are good for your skin. They work with your sink to achieve radiant, healthy skin.

After achieving your new flawless complexion, finalize your palette with Mirabella blushes, eye shadows, lip colors, and concealers. Couple these fantastic colors with the professional grade cosmetic tools from Mirabella. Using the right tools will ensure you achieve red-carpet quality style each time. Mirabella, cosmetic tools are designed to give you exact, precise makeup application to ensure you always look pulled together.