We are committed to intelligent skincare – we encourage our clients to protect their skin from overexposure to the sun.  We recognize, however, that many people want that sun-kissed glow that comes with tanning.  To that end, we offer a Sunless Tanning body treatment that is designed to give you a natural, even looking tan.  After an exfoliation to rid the skin of dead skin cells, the tanning product is massaged into the skin to achieve an even application. You’re left with a beautiful tan and skin that isn’t damaged. (please note:  this treatment is not a substitute for sunscreen).

sunless tanSunrise Body

$80 (60 min)
A self tanning body treatment designed to give you a natural, even looking tan.

Follow-up Treatments – $50
With Face and Neck – add $10

sunless tanSunset Body

$80 (60 min)
Sometimes, even with the best protection, skin can still get burned; this soothing treatment will comfort overexposed skin, promote healing and rehydrate irritated skin.

General Information

In order for your tan to fully develop, you should not shower or do any strenuous activity (that would cause you to sweat) for at least 6-8 hours after your service, but is best to wait as long as possible. The total service time is approximately one hour. You will get the best coverage and results from doing two sessions within the first week, generally 2-3 days apart. To maintain your tan, a once a week session is sufficient. Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes each.


Before your tanning session, EXFOLIATE!! Since the solution works with the top layer of your skin, it is best to have a good base for the tanning cream. We offer a variety of exfoliating services as well as products for you to use at home before your service.

After care

MOISTURIZE!!! One of the most important rules of a long lasting tan is to moisturize, morning and night the day after a session, and at least once a day thereafter. Two types of moisturizers are available; they are classified as to whether they contain DHA, the active tanning ingredient. Most Tan Extenders/Moisturizers will contain 3% or less DHA. In comparison, a full strength sunless tanning lotion will contain 8% or more DHA. The lower the percentage of DHA allows you to use them every day to extend and deepen your tan.